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We "Wish" This Was Better

Disney marked its centenary with the animated film "Wish," aiming to celebrate its rich history. However, despite some strengths, the movie falls short of being a standout Disney classic.

In terms of positives, "Wish" offers a nostalgic nod to Disney's past with clever references to iconic films. The main character's friends resembling Snow White's seven dwarves and a charming cameo by Thumper from "Bambi" add a touch of delight for keen-eyed viewers.

Additionally, the animation style merges 3D animation with a 2D watercolor background reminiscent of classics like Snow White, providing a visually stunning experience. The hope is that Disney continues to explore this unique animation style in future projects.

The voice acting, led by Ariana DeBose as Asha and Chris Pine as King Magnifico, stands out. DeBose brings a youthful energy to Asha that is becoming of a Disney princess, while Pine's portrayal of the main villain adds depth, making Magnifico a compelling character and keeping the audience engaged.

On the flip side, "Wish" falls short in fully leveraging Disney's 100-year storytelling legacy. Positioned as the foundation of all Disney stories, the film misses the opportunity to delve deeper into this unique aspect. Instead, callbacks to Disney's past are relegated to mere references, leaving the potential for a more impactful and engaging narrative untapped.

Another drawback is the heavy-handed script. While the theme of standing up for one's dreams is commendable, the execution disappoints. Exposition dumps replace impactful moments, and scenes where Asha confronts King Magnifico come off as uncomfortable rather than inspiring. The film would have benefited from a more nuanced approach to its message.

Even the music, a usually strong suit for Disney, disappoints in "Wish." The soundtrack lacks the memorable tunes characteristic of Disney films, contributing little to the overall tone. In fact, the film might have fared better without musical interludes, as they fail to leave a lasting impression.

In summary, while "Wish" has its positive moments, it falls short of becoming a great Disney movie. The film's safe approach to the script, missed opportunities in exploring Disney's rich history, and lackluster execution of themes contribute to its shortcomings. "Wish" risks fading into obscurity rather than securing a lasting place in the cherished Disney canon