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Jackass Forever Movie Review

Jackass Forever has no plot, no character development, and no state of the art cinematography, yet it is one of the best movies of the year due to its outrageous stunts and wholesome mood.

So if you’re the type of person who thinks it’s funny to watch a group of friends performing stunts and pranks that are designed to cause as much pain as possible, the Jackass crew has got you covered. Despite their old age, the Jackass crew don’t shy away from performing (and failing) crazy stunts. The elaborateness of these stunts will demand your respect as the Jackass crew proves that they still got it. 

Jackass Forever is also surprisingly wholesome. Most of the original members, such as Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and Wee Man, return after a decade and you could see how genuinely happy they were to get back together. Even though their fun was at the expense of each other’s pain, it was all out of love and friendship. There are also new cast members such as Rachel Wolfson, Jasper Dolphin, and Sean “Poopies” McInerney and it was sweet how the original members included them into the franchise. At no point did it feel like the newbies were being hazed; instead, they were being hyped up to their new audience. You might think big-time celebrities like Johnny Knoxville or Steve-O would be selfish with their screen time, but instead, they gave the newbies a shot at greatness.

As fun as this movie is, it only has a runtime of an hour and a half. You will find yourself lost in the antics of the crew and then out of nowhere the movie ends, leaving you wanting more. The humor in this movie will not be for everyone as it is inappropriate, to say the least. Jackass Forever is filled to the brim with nudity, painful images and disgusting moments that will completely destroy your appetite.

If you are unfamiliar with the Jackass franchise, this isn’t the movie to begin with. Go back to the beginning and see them as crazy youngsters. If you have a particularly weak stomach, you might want to avoid this. But fans will not be disappointed.This is a movie that needed to be released during these hard times in 2022. You can just sit back, relax, and have a great time.