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A Horror To Be Grateful For

In the realm of holiday movies, where warm sentiments usually take center stage, "Thanksgiving" emerges as a bloody soaked rebel. This horror/comedy concoction tosses away the typical heartwarming narrative, opting instead for a relentless onslaught of gore and over-the-top absurdity.

"Thanksgiving" revels in its own absurdity, with a particular focus on outrageously violent kills that defy all sense of logic. Scenes like a character being gruesomely sliced in half by a dumpster lid may lack realism, but they capture the very essence of the film's dark humor. These moments aren't just entertaining; they serve as the cornerstone of the movie's unique and twisted charm.

Amidst the chaos and satire of slasher movie tropes, "Thanksgiving" surprises with a cast of characters who, for the most part, avoid the classic pitfalls of horror movie victims making dumb decisions. The kills unfold despite their actions, adding an extra layer of despair to the horror. This departure from the usual formula adds depth to the narrative and elevates the film above its peers.

"Thanksgiving" successfully weaves a well-executed plot twist into its narrative. Juggling multiple suspects and cleverly masking clues, the film keeps the audience on their toes until the eventual revelation. The twist easily integrates into the story, contributing an extra layer of intrigue and engagement.

Despite its strengths, "Thanksgiving" stumbles with an overabundance of disposable characters. One glaring example is Ryan, the boyfriend of the main character Gabby. Introduced and briefly suspected as the killer, Ryan vanishes without explanation in the second half of the film, leaving a zero impact on the overall story. The surplus of characters like Ryan, not only weakens the impact of the narrative but also detracts from the film's otherwise hilarious kills. A judicious trimming of these characters from the script would allow the movie to dedicate even more time to the enthralling mayhem.

This holiday season, for those seeking a horror experience that defies expectations, "Thanksgiving" serves as the unconventional dish worth savoring. While it may not adhere to traditional festive themes, this film provides a twisted and entertaining alternative for those yearning for a break from the ordinary. "Thanksgiving" delivers a unique cinematic feast, where absurdity reigns supreme, making it a must-watch for those looking to spice up their holiday movie lineup.

4 out of 5